Here’s to blogging… AGAIN.

Just a brief history on the history of my blogging. I was always interested in writing thoughts, feelings and mundane activities of my life, so at an early age of 13 I started blogging. THAT WAS FREAKING 10 YEARS AGO. Back then there were no livejournal, blogspot, wordpress or whatever blog sourcing tool. I think? I used to develop my own website/blog using Yahoo pages. It was a too difficult to manage because its mostly HTML codes based (seehowIimpliedmyawesomeness), and let’s just face it, WALA NA AKO MALAGAY SA SITE , and I had a really bad username. NO, I WONT TELL.

After 2-3 years, I started again. My cousin’s friends, itago nalang natin sila sa pangalang, jek_log at bernarics, opened my eyes to a whole new world of blogging. TABULAS! Where I coined the word “facionizta” and had a tag line “beneath the clothes”. (REALLY NOW?!?!) It was all about making CSS, cute layouts and using Dreamweaver while simultaneously failing at it. Hindsight, re-reading what I wrote there, it was horrendous, awful, and seemingly written by an uneducated person. Kung may nagpauso siguro ng jejemon. Ako na siguro iyon. One word to describe it, YACK!

An excerpt to publicly humiliate myself:

dang.. i made my site just to fil in the tym wen i wuz sick and then now…..whoas!! webby’s starting to get a bit complicated here.. i went to people’s website and they’re lyk whoa.. amazing.. why cant i learn to do these stuff!! hehe.. coolie.. dang is my bad.. NO1’s SCHOOLIN ME!! hehe.. i’m envious! really.. but i aint got no tym!! school works got me killin.. but is all gud.. is for my peeps at school.. newei.. my bday’s near! ima turn 16! ima get my sutdent’s permit to drive!! haha.. in weeks i can drive mah car!! hahaha. in my dreams… is not my car!! hehe. but im excited! really .. so yeah.. well das it for now.. gotta bounce.. i hafta deal with things.. impt things.. MY HOMEWORK!! dang.. aryt.. bouncin!
Posted by facionizta on July 11, 2004 at 02:47 PM | thotz?->wright h

After a year or two, came Multiply. This was my longest running blog which became the diary of the drama queen. It tells a story of a girl and her tragic love story which ended as soon as the blog ended. I would probably describe it as, “Twilight-y.” Not in the vampire kind of way but of a teenage lovestruck story.

After 3 failed attempts, here I am doing it all over again. Hoping I would get things right, or not. I know not all my posts would be relevant or interesting. It would even probably be filled with too much information of myself, even the name and tag line are living proof. But what the heck, I just need an outlet to lighten my load.

Here’s to blogging, AGAIN!


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