To an interesting year ahead

Upon reading my first post, I found it so funny that I am now trying to revive this blog after almost two years. Looking back, I must say my life has completely changed. When I started this blog, I was working as a Merchandising Manager for a luxury department store in Manila. Fast forward… I quit my stable, and for most people, promising job to study again. I am currently taking up Masters in International Luxury Management a l’Institut Français de la Mode in Paris.

Part of our program is to go to different exhibitions. We are actually given the task to make a journal of those we visited. At first they wanted us to do a diary, but then our program director thought that it might be dated, so it was then suggested to do a blog. I was thinking of a good and catchy name for a blog; something that would relate to a Parisian way of life. I was going for a seemingly “professional” blog. But I am no writer, “I’m basic english.” My grammar is not perfect. And my friend would have probably edited most of the things I wrote/have written (case in point). I am not an expert in what I do. BUT I am here to share my experiences, thoughts and just to write about what I think. So I decided to keep my old blog with my name to keep it personal.

I also post too much on Instagram and Facebook that I needed another outlet to document  what goes on day by day: as I try to learn again how to be independent and try to live a local life as a foreigner.

I don’t know if I can keep up this time. But what the hell, I know this is going to be an interesting year ahead.

Here goes nothing!

Ma vie à Paris.



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