Try and Try and Try Again: Roy Lichtenstein Exhibit

Who doesn’t know Roy Lichtenstein? If you don’t maybe you should start Googling him or just search for pop art and his name should come up.  In any case, I went to the Roy Lichtenstein Exhibit exactly a month ago. (Obviously, I have backlogged in my diary writing). It was interesting to see his famous works, up close and personal like the “Whaam!” and the “Oh Jeff, I love you too, but…” It was a vast collection that also featured paintings of political figures and sculptures.

…But whaaaat?
Mao Ze Dong
Some of his sculptures

What I didn’t know was that he also recreated some of the famous paintings of Mondrian, Van Gogh and Picasso. So you can see the famous artworks rendered in ben-day dots. What I found interesting was that he created all these by mere hand. It almost seemed like there was some sort of printing involved. Like any other artist, he would start from a smaller depiction of the actual size; decides what colours he liked and makes changes along the way. But what sets him apart is that if there was a thing that he thought should be changed, he would cover it up with another layer and start all over. It was practically the same technique as Photoshop that uses layers, only this time it was done manually. He would do it again and again. Try and try again until it was perfect for him. He wanted it as if it looked programmed, with no trace of human involvement.


So my point here is that even artists with talent still put in a lot of hardwork. Nothing comes easy.  So you and I (#notetoself) must always remember that we should not stop trying, as cliché as it may sound. We should continue and strive for the better to achieve what we want in life. To quote more cliché sayings, “It’s the mistakes that make us a better person” and “It’s not how many times you fall down, but how many times you get back up.”

‘Nuff said.

If you’re interested to see the Roy Lichtenstein Exhibition, it’s located at the Centre Pompidou. Still ongoing and will end on 4 November 2013. Click here for more details.


Disclaimer: All photos are used solely for my personal interpretation and reflection and are not to be reproduced or reused. Copyright remains with the owners of these photos. 

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