You are More Beautiful than You Think : La Mécanique des Dessous

I honestly am particularly a little bit insecure about my physical attributes and to some extent maybe most of women do have insecurities. This is not to promote a certain brand but Dove, about 6 months ago, had this campaign of how women generally project themselves. Here’s a short clip.

In a way, this video has made me think about myself more and appreciate what I have, and going to the exposition at Les Art Décoratifs reinforced this. The exhibit was primarily how the undergarments evolved. How from steel frames changed to corsets to the modern day brasserie. What’s interesting is that the undergarments had a subtle way of showing that through time, the notion of women’s freedom and beauty evolved.  As time progressed, there were less constraints on the body which also paralleled how women had more choices and power over themselves. The ideal body also adapted with society: from voluptuous to straight to more hips to straight again to curvy and to a slim figure.  It is how society perceive as beautiful which has in a way provided a standard of looks. They have imposed what is beautiful and anything out of the set of guidelines are thought to be unattractive. In a way this promotes frustrations and discontentment in how they, or shall I say, “WE”, perceive ourselves because we naturally want to belong to our society. Consequently, we also tend to forget that beauty is relative. As seen in the exhibit, it changes over time. It even changes with society. HECK, it even changes per person. What for me is beautiful is different from yours. So the next time you think you’re not skinny enough, not tall enough or not “whatever” enough, just remember that in another time or a different society, you are the most beautiful of them all. Chin Up Girl!:) LOL #GirlPower (sorry, I just had to hash tag it.)

Here is a short video on the exhibition since photos were not allowed inside.

Denis Bruna vous présente l’exposition “La… by LesArtsDecoratifs

From 5 July 2013 to 24 November 2013

Les Art Décoratifs

107 rue de Rivoli  –  Paris 1er